OSU changes drop date for classes

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OSU changed the last day to drop classes for the spring 2020 semester to Friday after classes moved online in wake of the coronavirus.

Oklahoma State University students have longer to decide if they want to remain in their courses this semester as the COVID-19 setback resulted in the date to drop classes moving to Friday.

The date to drop a standard 16-week course with a W has been pushed back. Students may drop classes with an automatic W through April 24. There will be no W/F grading period for Spring 2020.

This was one of multiple changes from the university because of classes being moved online for the remainder of the semester. The decision was made by a leadership team consisting of campus leaders, said Faculty Council Chair Udaya Desliva.

“There could be many reasons a student would have a hardship in the new format that they did not have before,” Desilva said. “Talk to your advisor before making a decision. All advisors, myself included, are available virtually to help you.”

This decision was made to benefit students because everyone’s new normal has been shifted.

“The later date will help students manage courses, given personal circumstances,” Faculty Council Vice Chair Gina Peek said. 

Kaitlyn Kirksey, President of OSU’s Student Government Association, thinks this is a way the school can ease the situation. 

“This will allow students to acclimate to school virtually and to see if that is feasible for them,” said Kirksey.

 There are many sources students can seek out for guidance when making academic decisions. The Office of the Registrar is one of those places.

 “We are committed to supporting our students and are also offering an option for students to elect pass/no-pass grading for spring classes after final grades have been assigned,” University Registrar Rita Peaster said. 

Peaster wants students to know another academic deadline that was extended for Spring 2020 is the graduation application deadline. Students who plan to graduate this semester have until April 24 to submit their graduation application.

The faculty wants students to know that while this time might be confusing, there are many resources to help them.

Correction: A previous version of this article said Dr. Udaya Desliva was the Faculty Council Officer Chair instead of the Faculty Council Chair.