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OSU Career Services holds career readiness summit

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 OSU staff gathered at the ConocoPhillips OSU Alumni Center.

OSU Career Services organized the Career Readiness Summit for staff members on Feb.2.

The informational summit helped staff learn about career readiness, alongside breakout sessions for discussion. The meeting encouraged OSU staff to use career readiness support in their interactions with students. 

OSU Career Services Director Kellie Ebert explained that a committee put together the meeting in hopes of bringing meaningful information to benefit career conversations with students.

“The committee worked for several months and very intentionally planned every presentation, breakout session, and activity to ensure that it was impactful, and also fun and engaging,” Ebert said. “We recognize how incredibly important the relationships between students and student-facing staff are. For many students, these relationships with academic advisors, prospective student coordinators, retention staff, etc. frame their entire OSU experience.”

The summit placed a significant emphasis on recognizing OSU staff and their impact on students and campus alike.

OSU Career Exploration Coordinator Alton Carter spoke at the summit as well. He shared life experiences to prove that with the right tools, staff can have an immense impact on students’ lives at OSU. 

“I think the number one, overarching goal here is to create partnerships so we [staff] can help all students pursue their careers and provide them with as much information and tools as we can for them to be successful,” Carter said.  

OSU Career Services has shown interest in making the summit an annual occasion and opening new avenues for discussion and learning as a way of expanding the program.

“This was our pilot event to see how it went and what the response was, and based on the feedback we received from attendees, we are very excited to grow this event and include more staff in the future,” Ebert said. 

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