OSU announces pass/ no pass details

pass no pass

OSU announced Monday the details for its "pass/no pass" grading option for the spring 2020 semester.

The Office of the Provost announced Monday the details for the "pass/ no pass" grading option Oklahoma State is offering to students for the spring 2020 semester in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jeanette Mendez, the vice provost of Academic Affairs, announced during the Virtual Town Hall on March 23 that there will be a pass/ no pass grading option, but she didn't give many details.

Students will have the option to select pass/ no pass grading for each of their classes, meaning they could maintain their letter grade in one class and opt for the pass/ no pass option in another. Students will have until May 20, one week after the final grade submissions deadline, to choose the pass/ no pass option.

Undergraduate students who elect the pass/ no pass option need to earn a minimum letter grade of "D" in order to receive a grade of "pass." Graduate and professional level students need to earn a minimum of a "C" to receive a "pass."

All semester-long classes and short courses that end during the last eight weeks of the semester are eligible for pass/ no pass. Any short courses that ended before the coronavirus pandemic began to affect the university aren't eligible.