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Opinion: The homecoming centennial deserves to be moved

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Homecoming is a weeklong celebration at Oklahoma State, but this year’s celebration is special in more than one way.

This year’s homecoming is the centennial celebration, and there’s a chance that the COVID-19 pandemic cancels or postpones the event.

The OSU Alumni Association should use the 2020 Olympics decision as a model and push the 2020 homecoming celebration to 2021. The centennial event deserves better than a thrown-together pandemic-plagued event.

The homecoming football game and celebrations bring pride throughout the entire town of Stillwater. It also brings pride to everyone involved with OSU in one way or another. With this celebration being the 100th celebration, it deserves to bring the most pride to the citizens of Stillwater and fans of OSU and not be limited at the hands of COVID-19.

This homecoming deserves to be treated even better than a normal homecoming celebration. It deserves a celebration like never before without a global pandemic hanging over the heads of the supporters.

The week-long celebration has multiple events that bring people from all over the country to extremely tight quarters.

The Walkaround brings thousands of people into the streets around the Greek neighborhood packed into large groups for long periods of time. According to the Alumni Association website the Walkaround is the “biggest and best” tradition of Homecoming.

Not only would the event itself most likely lead to the large spread of COVID-19 among the event goers, but the preparation for the event is rigorous and would make the people preparing the house decorations more at risk to test positive for COVID-19.

All pomping for house decorations take place in the basement of fraternity houses with poor ventilation, which makes it easy for COVID-19 to spread among students.

All it takes is one student to catch the virus and spread it throughout the fraternity and sorority houses. The entire Greek community is intermingled with one another, which provides a perfect breeding ground for an outbreak.

With the chances of a violent outbreak at the hands of preparing and celebrating the historic event in OSU’s grand history, the risk is too great to risk the 100th homecoming to be remembered in a negative light.

The 2020 homecoming should take place in 2021, just like the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The homecoming would still mark the centennial celebration and have even more of an impact on supporters and students.