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'Once every two weeks': Students experience recurring Wi-Fi problems

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Wifi Error

Students think the slow speed of the Wi-Fi is on them, however, students are not entirely to blame.

In the month of August, the school experienced nineteen outages or service interruptions. If students are experiencing slow speeds on eduroam, the campus Wi-Fi, it might mean there are too many users at once. However, Oklahoma State students like Simon Landrum continue to use the Wi-Fi, despite the issues. 

“I live on campus,” Landrum said. “I’ve never had a problem with it. It depends on what type of computer you have.”

Landrum said he noticed the Wi-Fi, for him, slows down typically in the afternoon and in the student union. 

Other students, like Noah Eddy, also encounter slow internet speeds in the Oklahoma State (OSU) Student Union. 

“The union is the spot I notice the most,” Eddy said.

Eddy said he notices the Wi-Fi acting up around 1-2 p.m. However, he said the campus Wi-Fi is still the best option for students to use. 

Although the Wi-Fi is widely available, some students like Noah Drew said there was an outage which conflicted with his school work. 

“It was completely down last week, when we were trying to do our roommate agreement,” Drew said. “It was really frustrating.”

Information Technology (IT) student workers at the OrangeTech’s tech bar said it is not wholly on the students. Trey Snowden said sometimes the Wi-Fi goes out and its not an issue on the students' end.

"There’s definitely times when the Wi-Fi goes down completely," Snowden said. "Doesn’t happen very often, but once every two’ll stutter."

Although students can do little about this, Snowden said they can still improve internet speeds by how their computers are used. 

“If everybody used the Wi-Fi for (just) their work,” Snowden said. “It would be a lot faster.”

Students can also check on the IT’s website at for future scheduled downtimes to better prepare for the Wi-Fi going out.