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Oklahoma State announces plan for in-person classes for fall 2021

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Life begins to reflect the past as classes for 2021 are planned to be held in-person.

Oklahoma State announced Thursday its plan to hold in-persons classes for the fall 2021 semester. This comes after being one of the few schools to host encouraged face-to-face education in the country. 

Oklahoma experienced a decrease in covid cases at the beginning of January, coinciding with the early stages of vaccine distribution. Thanks to this decline the school has deemed it safe to assume that by the end of this year, in-person classes can again be considered normal. 

“As cases decline, Oklahoma State University health officials are making plans to hold in-person classes in the fall in accordance with national and state health guidelines,” the school’s announcement said. 

“While pleased we have online as an option, our top priority is to safely return to in-person classes and labs this coming fall,” Vice Provost Jeanette Mendez said in the announcement. 

At his retirement announcement, President Burns Hargis shared his goal to rid OSU’s campus of COVID-19 by the end of the spring 2021 semester. 

For Micah Cooley, a freshman majoring in early childhood education, this news is a relief. Trusting that, for now, the next school year will look more like what the college experience is advertised as.

“I’m super excited to actually have classes in-person and even just be able to meet new people and kind of have a sense of normalcy back,” Cooley said, “I think this semester feels a lot different than last fall, but hopefully next fall will be even better.”

There is comfort in knowing that the upward trend will continue and that the school is able to predict so early that classes will be able to be held normally.

“It’s good to know that we can come back,” said Alyson Levings, a freshman majoring in hospitality and tourism. 

Although the need for masks or social distancing can not be predicted, students and faculty alike are hopeful for a return to what is familiar. OSU continues to take the necessary measures needed to maintain student and staff safety, all while proving a memorable educational experience.