Oklahoma Restaurant Association posts new guidelines for reopening restaurants

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Any restaurant wanting to reopen is encouraged to adhere to the ORA's new guidelines.

With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing and Oklahoma reopening, some residents might feel wary about returning to dine-in restaurants. The Oklahoma Restaurant Association (ORA) wants to eliminate this fear.

The ORA announced Friday that they would be launching the Oklahoma Restaurant Promise (ORP). The ORP aims to help restaurants regain customer confidence as they choose to return to dine-in service. 

The ORP has six elements to help achieve this goal: the availability of hand sanitizer, cleaning all tables and chairs after every use, proper cleaning or disposing of menus, condiments, utensils and place setting after every use, complying with social distancing guidelines, continuing to train staff members on proper food safety practices and posting the Oklahoma Restaurant Promise sign at the front entrance of the restaurant for customers to view. 

“The Oklahoma restaurant industry has an outstanding track record of protecting our employees and guests. As a way to help combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus, restaurants are more than willing to make these promises and follow the industry-approved sanitation practices, as well as other new helpful practices and protocols provided by state health officials,” said ORA president Jim Hopper.

The ORP is directly related to the COVID-19 Food Establishment Reopening Guidance, which was enacted by Governor Kevin Stitt and took effect on May 1.  

“With restaurants and their customers working together to follow the guidelines, Oklahoma restaurants can reopen and keep employees and the dining public safe,” an official statement about the ORP read.