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O’Colly Fishing Report

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It’s been a hot week, but the The O’Colly team took one for the team and made it out to the lake for some fishing! As always, if you read our reports and fish in lakes around Stillwater, we want to hear from you! Send us your tips, comments and fish pictures to, and we may publish them alongside our report! For now though, here’s what we thought about the fishing in town this week:

Lake McMurtry

For the first time, The O’Colly has the unfortunate responsibility to report that the catfish bite at Lake McMurtry was slow this week. We bring you this news with a heavy heart, and hope that next week McMurtry catfish will be hungry again.

On the bright side, the bass and walleye seem to be more active than they have been in previous weeks. Both are biting on active lures, and can be found in the deeper parts of shallow necks. If you see some decent sized fish jumping repeatedly between 15 and 45 feet from the shore, it’s probably safe to assume that those are walleye.

A word of warning, before you intentionally throw your line in after walleye, make sure you have a metal tool on hand to get your hook out. Those teeth don’t look menacing, but they are not fun to contend with.

Lake Carl Blackwell

The O’Colly finally has the pleasure of reporting some action out at Lake Carl Blackwell! The bass bite appears to be picking up here, too, although Carl Blackwell bass seem to prefer slower, less active lures at the moment. Plastic worms or frogs would be a great option. Fish have been hauled in off of the dock, as well as off of the bank near cover.

Sanborn Lake

It must be a bass kind of week, because bass were the most numerous catch at Sanborn Lake this week as well! Like Lake McMurtry, active lures seem to be performing better for the moment. If fishing off the bank, try a variety of spots, casting as far from the bank as you can, and slowing a bit as your lure reaches the shore.

No catfish or crappie to report out of Sanborn this week.