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O’Colly Fishing Report


Once again, it’s time for the weekly fishing report! We at The O’Colly hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Independence Day weekend, and found time to get at least one line in the water at one of our local lakes. Here’s our summary of what’s been biting where:

Lake McMurtry

Although some rain came through town midway through the week, the water level at McMurtry seems unaffected. However, water temperature was slightly higher than last week, especially after the long, sunny holiday weekend.

Bass seem to be biting, albeit within a more narrow window. For best results, I’d recommend having your line in the water by sunrise, and plan on the bite dropping off once it starts getting hot. Spinner baits and other active baits work well during these times, but consider switching to plastic worms and other slower baits by noon.

The catfish bite remains strong in both quality and quantity. Put some stink bait, hot dogs or other meat-based products on the end of a treble hook at the bottom of the lake, and you’re bound to pull it up with a catfish attached. Larger fish have been pulled from shallow parts of the lake, and the most productive catfish holes seem to be up in the necks, right next to large drop-offs.

No reports of crappie this week, but we’ll make sure to catch a couple this week and let you know what they’re biting on.

Boomer Lake

Less data was available from Boomer Lake this week, but catfish seem to be the active favorites for bank fisherman. Reports indicate they’re biting strong off the docks on live bait, especially shad.

Bass fisherman on Boomer Lake might consider starting with a slow bait, like a plastic worm. Several good bass spots can be accessed from the walking trails that circle the lake, although the area around the boat ramp seems to be the popular spot.

Sandborn Lake

The O’Colly was contacted via email this week by the Friends of Sandborn, to make us aware of a local lake we had not covered with last week’s fishing report! Sandborn Lake is located south of the airport, and can be accessed using Airport Rd. This lake is open 24/7, and is called Stillwater’s “best kept secret” by the Friends of Sandborn in their email.

According to the organization’s website, Friends of Sandborn is a non-profit organization focused on conservation at Sandborn Lake. They invited The O’Colly to come check out the lake this week, and now we’d like to invite you! Grab a pole, make sure your fishing license is up to date and come see what you catch! 

Lake Carl Blackwell

Once again, there was not enough data available to construct a good fishing report for Lake Carl Blackwell this week. In an effort to not run into the same situation next week, The O’Colly will be sure to visit Lake Carl Blackwell to speak to fisherman, and see what we can catch! We’ll be at both Sandborn Lake and Lake Carl Blackwell throughout the week, so if you see us, feel free to say hello!

As always, we’d love for you to contribute to our Fishing Report. Email us at with pictures of your catch, and we may publish them alongside our report next week! If you have the time, let us know what you caught, how many you caught, what bait you were using, and where you caught them at. Reporting your catch and sharing your pictures is one of the best ways to support the Fishing Report, and we can’t wait to hear from you!