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Now hiring

As more students return Stillwater, some businesses are looking for more employees.

As Oklahoma State and Stillwater welcome students to more events and job opportunities this fall than last semester.

However, many jobs positions for on and off campus businesses remain unfilled. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports in July, the national unemployment rate dropped .5% and in the Oklahoma Employment Report, the unemployment rate dropped .2%.

At the Hire OSU Grads Job Fair last Tuesday, Stillwater businesses announced to students the want to fill needed positions. Some establishments, are seeing increasing interest.

For some students, many hold jobs since the COVID-19 pandemic or before it. Students including Brittany Rubin, a secondary English education major. Rubin said she thinks in-person jobs will suffer this fall. 

“It was easier at the time to get a job on campus when I started,” Rubin said. “They got used to doing remote things.” 

Rubin said employers could make their schedules more flexible to get more student workers. Students like Pete Craver, a graduate student, said it is a lack of awareness by students that is preventing student off campus employment. Craver also said he thinks on campus jobs are falling short.

“OSU dining can’t keep its doors open long enough because they can’t get enough workers,” Craver said. “While on the flip side, they pay their workers a lot less.” 

Kailey O’Connor, a biosystems engineering major, said her and other students cannot get jobs right now because of personal reasons.

“I have a lot of work in school and I’m in a lot of organizations and clubs,” O’Connor said. “All of my friends have the same reasons.” 

She said more flexible schedules by employers might convince students, like her, to work. Many factors are shown to play a role in the current shortage of student employment in Stillwater.