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Motorgate: Motor accident opens gates on major campus streets

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Down Monroe Street on November 11, 2020 in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Ride on, Cowboys and Cowgirls.

For a brief time, drivers on Oklahoma State’s campus will have easy access across two major streets, Monroe Street and Hester Street, that were previously gated off.

The reason for the opened gates is because a motorist hit the Monroe Street gate on Jan. 14, causing significant damage.

The main problem with this gate being damaged? That type of gate is no longer available for replacement.

“Parking and Transportation Services is working with a new vendor to replace the gate and gate operators,” said OSU public information officer Shannon Rigsby. “Gates on each end of Monroe are tied together. If one gate is out of service, the gate on the other end cannot be used either.

“The gate on Hester Street has an electrical issue. Parking and Transportation Services is also working with a new vendor to fix this problem as quickly as possible.”

The two roads run right through campus and usually only allow OSU vehicles such as busses to drive through during business hours.

Now that vehicles can drive through during school hours, OSU said safety during this time is particularly crucial.

“We ask all motorists in the area to obey the 15 mph speed limit, and pedestrians should always look both ways before crossing any street, even in an approved crosswalk,” Rigsby said.