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Mindfulness: An OSU student started a virtual mental health platform

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To help students who are struggling with their mental health, Maeve Moore, an Oklahoma State senior, started the Facebook group, "Every Mind Matters." 

This is created to help make a safe place for students to address any concerns they may have. 

Students using this group have the ability to express mental health concerns such as feelings of loneliness, anxiety and depression. Moore said since the pandemic, she notices it has been difficult for individuals to connect with one another and meet new people. 

Additionally, Moore said she has noticed an increase in mental health concerns with students. 

Moore said she hopes this group will help connect people on a deeper level, and make friends with others who are going through similar tribulations.

The group’s overall goal is allowing students to have a safe space where they can let out frustrations or tribulations in their lives. 

“Why keep it quiet when we can all help each other out?” Moore said.

Along with this, she said this group will help people with any struggles they run across in their college years. As well as, provide a comforting environment to openly share what is on their minds. 

Moore said the group is welcome to any OSU students, and continues to grow with participants. 

Claire Stolfa, early childhood education junior, said she is excited about the creation of this group. 

“I think this group is going to be great for students,” said Stolfa. “It will be nice for anyone who is struggling with their mental health or even anyone who needs a friend. It’ll be a great space for them to go and vent.”

The Facebook group began two weeks ago, and it is still in its starting phase. But the group is now active and Moore said they are looking for new members. 

To find out more, Moore’s facebook page and there are Facebook posts with more information.