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Mental Health FAQ's

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Mental health in college

University counseling services does not have a six month waiting period, despite rumors.

Where can I find counseling services?

Counseling service information can be found online at The university’s counseling department offers a variety of ways to help students facing mental health obstacles. They cover areas anywhere from grief and substance abuse to providing simple resources to better understand your personal mental health. For first-time counseling, call the counseling services office at405-744-5458. There is also a virtual walk-in clinic, open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. This service includes a brief consultation and recommendation for further treatment if needed.

What is Therapy Online Assistance?

TOA is an entirely private online portal of mental and behavioral health resources. Once logged in, this online database provides you with interactive activities and educational recourses to help you better understand yourself and your mental health. These recourses are also designed to help you manage your emotions and reactions in a healthy way. TOA can be found at the university’s counseling website. 

How much does university counseling cost?

Walk-in counseling, crisis counseling and group counseling are all free to students, and only group counseling has a cancellation charge of $10. For individual counseling, your first four visits are free with a $10 cancellation charge, but after that, there is a $10 charge per appointment. For financial aid usage within the counseling center, the website states that “Students may apply for a fee waiver/reduction; determination is made by the SCC and Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid based upon financial need.” It also states that insurance will not be accepted or billed.