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Life is back in the library

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Library Activity

Students flooding the library with activity as campus opens up again.

COVID-19 makes it difficult to be social around campus. 

Buildings are closed, people are spaced apart, and classes are defaulting back to online. Even the Edmond Low Library has been slow to restart its events, but fortunately students do not have to wait any longer to participate in library activities. Plus, Oklahoma State is building something new and exciting on the north end of the library. 

Bonnie Cain-Wood is the manager of communication services for the OSU’s library. She says the library is more active than ever with its activities. 

“Even pre-pandemic we were livestreaming a number of our events,” Cain-Wood said. “So for us, shifting to that 100 percent virtual wasn’t a big change for us.”

Library events have been more popular online than they were in person. Whether it be convenience, time management or any other reasons, people enjoy the comfort and ease of online affairs. Several activities have moved fully virtual, but that has not stopped events from becoming bigger and better than ever. 

Constitution Day used to be a big in- person event, in which the library partnered with the political science department, but it has been moved to a week-long activity where students and faculty are able to voice their thoughts on the U.S. Constitution. 

“That’s an example of how we are taking things that normally we do in person, and just moving them to an online format,” Cain-Wood said. 

Since 2020 the library shifted all of its workshops and instructions virtually, but the new format has not stopped these activities from expanding. 

“We found for our workshops, for our instruction sessions, attendance has been up,” said Cain-Wood. “So, I think the virtual option is just a really convenient option for that style of event.”

Despite all of the awful things COVID-19 has brought to the community, the library is doing its part in creating events and activities for students, faculty and other people in Stillwater to enjoy. Additionally, renovations are happening outside the library.

“It’s going to be a garden and seating area,” Cain-Wood said. “We’re pretty confident that it should be ready for homecoming.”

There is a native plant garden on campus that is going to be extended in front of the library. The flowers will not take off for another season or so, but eventually the garden will stand proud outside the building. There will be seating outside and brand new bicycle racks, so the entire area will be newly refurbished and ready for students outdoors. 

The library is bringing life back onto campus, so stay tuned for more of its online events and brand new garden.