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Jumping into new Homecoming experiences

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Jumping for HOCO

Taylor Johnson has grown up in Oklahoma, but has never attended OSU's Homecoming.

Excitement is pent up before Homecoming week some students, especially for those who have never experienced the best Oklahoma State’s Homecoming celebration.

People from all over the world come to celebrate the alumni coming home, bringing their children, friends and families. Some families, however, choose to watch from the TV or let their kids experience on their own if they decide to attend school at OSU. 

Taylor Johnson, a freshman at OSU, was born and raised in Grove, Oklahoma, two hours away from Stillwater, and this is her first time attending Homecoming.

“I am so excited to experience Homecoming for the first time,” Johnson said. “My family didn’t have any original ties to Stillwater, so my family never felt like we had a reason to go.”

 Homecoming displays are not only surreal to Johnson, but she said they are also a result of hours worth of work. Although she plans on spending time standing in front of the large house decorations that nearly cover the front of the Greek houses, she is also eager for the football game.

“I am also looking forward to the game," Johnson said. "I think it will be a different atmosphere and the alumni are going to be home, so that’s exciting."

Some students like Zachary Hall, an industrial engineering major from Edmond, Oklahoma, do not know what to expect from Homecoming.

Although this is his first time being in Stillwater for Homecoming, Hall said he is more than excited to find out.

“I heard it’s a pretty big deal around here,” Hall said. “Hopefully, it’ll be really fun and I am ready to watch the game on Saturday.” 

In some movies, Homecoming is portrayed in a high school scenario, with dances and high school football games. Viviane Rehor is an International student from Germany attending OSU for one semester and is trying to take advantage of all the opportunities to experience American culture.

“Everything I knew about homecoming I heard it in the movies or in TV shows,” Rehor said. “ I only know about homecoming dance and Homecoming queen and king but not about all the events that come with it.”

Although Rehor said she did not know how big Homecoming is, she wants to understand what the event is about.