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Jadyn Powell, Dara Evans - Candidate QnA

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Jadyn Powell (left) and Dara Evans (right) have built their platform on the pillars of Advocacy, Accessibility and Accountability.

  1. What is the main goal of your platform?

“Our platform is built on the pillars of Advocacy, Accessibility and Accountability. We want to be advocates for underrepresented communities, amplifying their voices and creating resources, opportunities and spaces for them to be heard. Those resources and opportunities will be made accessible for both academic success but more importantly, for basic needs, afterall, you are a human first, a student second. Finally, we hope to hold not only ourselves, but also the University accountable for following through on promises and resources being made. We want to ensure that we, both Student Government and Administration, are having a constant conversation with the Student Body by keeping a direct line of communication open for students to voice their ideas. We are firm believers in the philosophy of “your voice, our action” and we hope to exhibit that during our administration.”

  1. What is the first thing you hope to accomplish assuming you win the election?

“The first thing that we want to do if we win the election is provide closed-captioning on all OSU videos and to provide translators at every OSU event. Every student should be able to be a part of the conversation and no one should feel excluded from OSU events or education. Especially with the mass movement towards online programming, it has been isolating for those within the hard of hearing and deaf community to not have full access to many of OSU’s video programming, whether that be class or event. We will be able to provide internship or service credit for those who wish to create the captions for videos.” 

  1. Why should students vote for you?

“Students should vote for us because with us it will always be an open conversation. We want to talk with you and hear your ideas and thoughts. We truly believe in being servant leaders, we are here to serve and listen to the students - there’s a reason it’s called Student Body President! We are not in every single group, every single organization, every single community and that’s why we love talking and hearing from you the students. Every student on this campus deserves to be heard, and more than that we want every student to know that we can and will take action to guarantee to make sure that every community is advocated for, that all resources will be accessible, and that the students can hold us accountable to doing so.”