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It's electric: Seniors shocked after house struck by lightning

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House Fire

After lightning struck their house, Chas Wright and Kevin Kaiser had many belongings destroyed in a fire.

Oklahoma tends to be one of the more chaotic states when it comes to weather, but it is not often anyone gets struck by lightning. 

Tragedy hit a house of six Oklahoma state students who are a part of the Sigma Chi fraternity. On Saturday, Aug. 21, a storm swept through Stillwater, Oklahoma. 

No one was present when the lightning struck the house other than a dog. A neighbor came to the rescue and saved the pup before the fire could get out of control. 

Firefighters were quick to rush to the scene, but not much could be saved. Chas Wright and Kevin Kaiser rooms had the most of the damage. 

They lost several thousands of dollars worth of furniture and other belongings, including: a laptop, a TV, mattresses, some clothes, textbooks, and several pairs of shoes. Their landlord said they might be looking at several weeks of construction. 

“When we pulled up, we thought the whole thing was going to be on fire,” Wright said. “But luckily it was just a small fire.”

Wright and Kaiser had rooms on the top floor of the house, while everyone else was down below. Even though their rooms were the only ones who were covered in ash and debris, the other four picked up some damage from the firefighters' water. 

“We were only here for a week and it was really fun, so obviously we’re super upset, but it definitely could’ve been worse,” Kaiser said. 

Wright’s mom, Brandi Wright, was very worried for her son and his roommates from her home in Austin, Texas. Brandi said she was thankful OSU is such a warm and helpful community. 

“I got a picture of them one hour prior of a beautiful outing on the lake,” Brandi said. “Sunny, beautiful day. Then they drove home to fire trucks at their home. Stillwater is definitely where you want to be in a crisis.”

The boys semester certainly started off with a bang, literally. They are all thankful to be safe and that they could move back into their house within the next couple of months. However, they had one big issue with the fire that they were very disappointed they could have prevented. The issue?

They didn’t have renters insurance. 

“If I had one piece of advice, I would say, ‘Get renters insurance,’” Kaiser said. 

They could have saved themselves a lot of money, which is important for a college student, if they had paid for renters insurance. 

Lightning might not strike twice in the same spot, but the boys said they will definitely take this advice to heart when they move back in.

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