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How you can help bring a Target to Stillwater

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For years, Oklahoma State students have been clamoring for Target to come to Stillwater.

What students may not know, however, is that they play a key role in ensuring that the popular grocery/retail store comes to the college town. In a recent interview with The O’Colly, Mayor Will Joyce outlined how a Target could make its way to Stillwater and where it would be located in the town.

Students/residents need to reach out to Target

Joyce outlined three crucial things when discussing ways to get Target in Stillwater: the census numbers need to be improved, more people need to shop locally and students and Stillwater residents need to reach out to Target.

“We need people to reach out and contact Target and say ‘I really think we need a Target in Stillwater, Oklahoma,” Joyce said. “Tell them ‘hey, we would shop here if you put one here.’”

People interested in doing so can reach the Target corporation at 1-800-440-0680.

Shopping local was another point that Joyce emphasized. He said that when students shop at out-of-town Targets, it causes the company to not look at Stillwater as a potential location.

“We need people to keep their shopping money here in Stillwater,” Joyce said. “The problem is people leave, go do their shopping at Target in Tulsa or Oklahoma City, and then Target sees those numbers and says ‘well, there’s not enough money being spent in Stillwater.’ It’s a catch-22. People say ‘oh, I want to go shop there,’ and then when they look at our community they don’t see the dollars they need to see.”

Where the hypothetical Stillwater Target would be

While many have predicted that the shopping centers on Perkins Road or Main Street would be optimal locations for Target, Joyce had other ideas.

“On that lot where they tore down all those apartments, right by Eskimo Joes, north of the YMCA,” Joyce said. “Still think that would be a perfect use of that land, right there close to campus.”

Land like that would perfectly suit Target’s new smaller-formatted store plans. These smaller Targets were brought to the attention of Joyce last year.

“I was at a US conference of mayors meeting in February of 2020 to D.C. for a meeting of the US conference of mayors and I talked to a representative of Target while I was there,” Joyce said. “They had been starting a smaller stores program in college towns, in urban areas where they would look for smaller footprint stores and it sounded exactly like something that Stillwater would love to see.”