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House in low places: Garth Brooks' former house in Stillwater demolished

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Garth Brooks' college home torn down on Duck Street on September 15, 2020 in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Blame it all on its roots.

Country sensation and Oklahoma State alumnus Garth Brooks’ former house in Stillwater, which has become a popular roadside attraction thanks to its prominent “Garth Brooks lived here 1987-1988” sign displayed above the front door, was torn down Tuesday morning.

According to the property manager, the house was torn down due to old age and structural issues. It was built in 1908 and located at 227 S Duck St.

“If you were standing right here (and looked at the profile view of the house), the whole house was tilted back,” the neighbor of the house said. “It was unreparable. They were working with it for several years.”

The property manager also confirmed that the sign that reads “Garth Brooks lived here 1987-1988” was saved before the wreckage occurred. 

“We kept the sign and we’ll probably keep it in our office,” the property manager said. “If Garth ever decides to come back, we’d hand it right to him.” 

Despite the necessary reasons to tear down the property, the images of the destruction saddened many nostalgic OSU alumni.  

“Like a knife to my little orange heart,” said OSU alumna Brandi Ball.

“Nothing is sacred anymore and my heart is full of rage,” said OSU alumna Jaclyn Cosgrove. 

For OSU graduate Nathan Poppe, the house was where he got deeply involved in his musical passion by organizing his ever house music event. 

“Seeing the Garth Brooks house comes down is like watching someone smash a TV that's playing my favorite childhood cartoon,” Poppe said. “Although I only stood in that house for a single night, it represents my love of music and the DIY freedom that filled my college years. It was the first of several shows I helped organize. I'll never forget the feeling of walking into the packed living room and seeing friends. You don't really realize you're making memories when they're happening, you know, but this place will continue to live on in my mind.”