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Gone batty: Bat spotted in the North Commons

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Bats in the Commons

Still from video of bat flying around the West Commons Dormitory.

Bats are not usually one of the first things students expect to see in the dorm. 

After the bat tick infestation at Patchin Hall in 2019, the Oklahoma State is no stranger to these creatures being in students' living spaces. 

Over two weeks ago in the North Commons, there was a bat sighted in the downstairs lobby. Alex Kubicek, a freshman biology major, is a resident of the North Commons. 

“I was walking into the dorm, and there was a guy that told me I wasn’t allowed to go into the elevator because they didn’t want a bat to fly in,” Kubicek said.

Some students like Erika Mitchell, a freshman business marketing major and resident in the hall, said she did not know about the bat.

“They didn’t let us know where the bat was, or how many there were- nothing like that,’’ Mitchell said.

In addition to the bat tick and bat infestation in 2019, a student filed a lawsuit against OSU for physical and emotional damages after being bitten by bat ticks in the dorm. 

Some students like Sara Howard, a freshman agriculture communications major, knew about the bat in the hall.

“I heard there were bats on the second floor and that’s it,’’ Howard said. “I think it is a mild concern, but I think OSU is handling it well.’’ 

There have yet to be any other reports of bats in the North Commons. 

Shannon Baughman, the Associate Director of Operation for OSU’s Housing and Residential Life, said no work orders have been sent in for bats in the North Commons. 

“There have been no work orders submitted for bats in the North Commons. OSU Facilities Management has established protocols when there is a report of an animal in a building, and those are deployed when necessary," Baughman said.