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From Washington Street to Washington D.C.: Stillwater resident helps decorate the White House

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Robin Torronez

Robin Torronez, a Stillwater resident, decorated the White House.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime moment when someone sets foot in the White House. That’s what one Stillwater resident recently did. 

Robin Torronez, a House Director for Kappa Kappa Gamma at OSU got the opportunity to go to see the White House in person for four days. 

Torronez was one of thousands of applicants who wanted a chance to decorate for Christmas at the White House. 

Once Torronez received the confirmation email, she went nuts –– as did the girls in the sorority house. 

“They all stood up and clapped and we celebrated together, it was a fun moment and the girls in the house have been part of this since I found out,” Torronez said. “They’re super excited to hear about my stories.”

Torronez said her experience in design gave her an edge. She said it was a difference of work and perfection from her own home to the house of the American people. 

“I’ll never look at a tree again the same way,” Torronez said.

Torronez said she was on a 20-foot ladder working on the top of a Christmas tree. She worked with 27 trees her last day to polish the scene in the White House for guests and for HGTV, who made their appearance taking video inside the White House.  

The lights, the branches and the ornaments were a different kind of Christmas tree. It was fun, but also full of work. 

“We were there to work,” Torronez said. “The amount of manpower that went into it and the amount of care and fastidiousness and preciseness that went into that, you would never do that in your own home.” 

There were people there that Torronez interacted with, but probably her most famous memory was seeing Marine Force One landing on the White House lawn. 

She saw President Donald Trump, followed by his daughter, Ivanka, and her husband, Jared Kushner walk into the White House in front of her. She also saw the first lady, Melania, coming down one of the staircases and walked very close to her.

“It was just one of those moments where you remember this, because you probably won’t ever see this again,” Torronez said. 

After her wonderful experience, Torronez said she will be applying every year going forward. 

“I do hope to go again,” Torronez said. “I’m still coming down from it pinching myself.”