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From Greek life to married life

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Homecoming proposal

Kristen and Justin Pfpipper were Homecoming directors at their Greek houses.

Kirsten and Justin Pfpipper joined Greek life at Oklahoma State to get more involved.

After their freshman year, Kirsten and Justin decided to become directors for each of their houses.

“Our houses really liked each other and we decided to match for Homecoming,” Pfpipper said.

As directors of their house, Kirsten and Justin would see one another frequently. Soon it became clear there was a sort of chemistry that did not just happen with anyone. 

“After a while we found that we both had a lot in common,” Pfpipper said. “We knew before Homecoming that we were definitely interested in each other, but decided to wait until after Homecoming to officially date. 

Kirsten and Justin’s relationship continued, as Homecoming came to a close. In January of 2013, Kirsten and Justin got engaged and were married in December of that year.

Kirsten said she would have never thought she would meet her husband at the nation’s greatest celebration, but has not looked back since.