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Former OSU student caught secretly living at Chicago O’Hare Airport for 3 months

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Former OSU student caught secretly living at Chicago O’Hare Airport for 3 months

Aditya Udai Singh, a former OSU student, was caught secretly living at Chicago O’Hare Airport for 3 months.

When former Oklahoma State student Adam Dinkledine turned on the news the other day, he saw one of the strangest sights of his life: his college roommate was arrested for secretly living in the busiest airport in the world.

“I was sitting in my home office and just about fell out of my chair,” Dinkledine told The O'Colly. “I saw his picture and his name and I was like ‘surely not, it’s got to be somebody else.’ And I looked into it and it definitely was him.”

According to multiple reports, Aditya Udai Singh, who graduated from OSU with two master’s degrees from Oklahoma State in 2018, lived undetected in Chicago’s O’Hare airport from Oct. 19 to Jan. 16 because he was “scared to go home because of Covid.”

After arriving in Chicago on a flight from Los Angeles in October, Singh lived in the security zone of the O’Hare Airport, receiving food from generous passengers and remaining incognito after stealing the ID badge of an operations manager to avoid suspicion.  

“He’s a smart guy,” Dinkledine said. “It does seem like it would take a certain level of ingenuity to be in the airport for that long. I definitely think he’s clever enough to pull it off. I don’t think he was trying to hurt anybody or anyone or anything.”

Singh has been charged with the impersonation of an airport employee after stealing an operations manager’s security badge, as well as theft of less than $500.

Dinkledine said he doesn’t think any of Singh’s actions had malicious intent. Though they haven’t spoken in years, he described Singh as friendly, but silent.

“He’s a quiet soft spoken guy, he’s really nice and friendly,” Dinkledine said. “I did not get to know him that well. We kind of had our own friend groups but we lived in the same house for one year.”