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Football and otters: Students share Homecoming memories

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Ranging from good times to an otter on a leash, Oklahoma State students have a variety of Homecoming memories.

The centennial Homecoming celebration is finally at Oklahoma State, after a year hiatus and students are not only looking forward to making new memories, but they are also reminiscing on older ones. 

Architecture majors Al Powell and Coleman Little attended Homecoming their freshman year before the pandemic postponed it the following year, but they still recall fond memories. 

“I really enjoyed walking around seeing all the events,” Little said. 

While Powell and Little may have a major in common, their best Homecoming memories are far apart. 

“There’s this one lady that brings an otter on a leash, that was my favorite part,” Powell said. 

Powell is hoping to reunite with his furry friend again this year, but Little is looking at a bigger picture. 

“It’s exciting to have so many people on campus and just around, I think it’s exciting just to see the campus active again,” Little said. 

Another past participant in OSU’s Homecoming is Jayd Laughlin, a recreational therapy major. Laughlin said she has been involved in Homecoming at OSU even before she even attended the university.

“My senior year of high school, five of my friends and I came and hung out,” Laughlin said. 

However, Laughlin is still most fond of the Homecoming memories she has made while being a student at OSU like the activities leading up to the game and the game itself.

Not all students experienced America’s Greatest Homecoming. Peyton Newman, a sports management major, has not been involved in an OSU Homecoming, but she is participating this year. 

“I am in a sorority and I've been pomping like crazy and I played on our frenzy team,” Newman said. 

Newman is also eager to support the other sororities and revel in their creative spirit by looking at all of the house decorations and admiring the work put into them.

Although Newman may be new to campus, she was no stranger to OSU’s Homecoming before enrolling. 

“I’ve heard that it’s big and something like you have never experienced before,” Newman said.