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Flood closed entrance in OSU's Student Union

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Flooded Union

Although the entrance was closed because of a flood caused by a broken coil, it is expected to be opened soon.

One of the first floor vestibule entrances in Oklahoma State's Student Union was flooded with water, after testing a heating unit.

Student Union officials closed the entrance to put fans on the space, pull up the mats and let the concrete dry. Tracie Brown, the senior director of Student Union operations, said she suspects the entrance to be put back together soon. Brown said she did not know how long the water dropped from the ceiling.

"Just long enough to make a mess," Brown said.

The union has wall heater units around the campus life lounge on the second floor of the building with large windows facing Classroom Building. 

The university installed wall the heater units in the space to not only provide heat for the lounge but also, to help with energy efficiency. Brown said so far this year, the university has not turned on those heaters because it has not been needed.

Brown said when they sent someone to turn on the heaters to ensure they are still working, an old coil unit broke and water was released.

Below this is the vestibule entrance by the university store and information desk in the union's first floor. 

"That was installed in 2011 and so, we're in the process of finding a replacement for it," Brown said. "At least the water stopped, you know? We're able to shut it off, figure out the problem and order the part."