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Fishing report



School is back in session, which is the perfect excuse to slip away to the lake for a while! With many university classes taking place primarily online, a wi-fi hotspot and a folding chair is all that it takes to set up your home-office-away-from-home. We’ll sure be out there, but just in case we miss you, here’s where the fish have been, and where they haven’t: 

Lake McMurtry

The fishing at Lake McMurtry has been steadily slowing down as the weather got warmer. However, the last week has seen a small uptick in activity.

While bass at McMurtry are still biting, they’re getting pickier, and less aggressive. Mornings are still your best bet, but bass have been seen around the docks at night, feeding on bugs. Out in the lake, near cover, try a Texas-rigged artificial worm, or a moss-hopper. Near the docks, rooster tails and live worms are the bait of the week.

Catfish at McMurtry have seen a massive drop-off in activity, especially when compared to the rest of the summer. While last week called for live bait, the catfish are showing interest in stink bait again. To increase your catch rate, try setting your hook a little higher up on the line than you would ordinarily.


Boomer Lake

Boomer Lake fishing has stayed steady, and even picked up since last week. Boaters report a decent catfish bite out of the channel that runs along the south side of the lake, and recommend shad to bring them in. Only channel cats reported this week, but we know there’s a blue or two under the water somewhere!

The bass at Boomer remain more active than their counterparts elsewhere. Crank-baits and Rattle-traps are still strong options for Boomer bass, but be prepared to switch to a slower, or even stationary option, once the sun comes out and it starts getting hot.

Lake Carl Blackwell

Carl Blackwell fishing has begun too slow, but the fish are certainly still biting. No crappie reported this week, but that may change with a cold front that will supposedly move through town later this week.

Catfish at Carl Blackwell are biting well on meat-based baits. Live shad are preferred, frozen shrimp will do in a pinch, and Vienna sausages should work for fisherman without funding. Look for necks with deep channels, and large numbers of bait fish.

Bass were king at Carl Blackwell this week, and active lures were their feast. Spinner baits and buzz-baits are the current favorites, with artificial worms following close behind. While an early start is still important to a successful bass fishing trip, Carl Blackwell has the tendency to be a little more forgiving of tardiness than other Stillwater fishing spots.