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Euphoria fashion show highlights students' collections

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The 12th annual Euphoria fashion show, presented by the Department of Design and Merchandising, took place Saturday at the ConocoPhillips Alumni Center.

The show highlighted five senior fashion designer’s personal collections.

Diane Limbaugh, director of the show, introduced the night. She explained that students in her Fashion Show Production course planned the show.

“Each year we try to make the show bigger and better, and this year is no exception,” Limbaugh said.

The producers of the show, Taylor Greene and Presley Turner, were introduced. Then the judges: Clair Kennedy, Crystal Bland, Hannah Joe Thompson and Karen David. Each judge has credentials and experience within the design department.

The first two segments of the show were Junior Class: Children’s Wear and Juniors and Seniors Fun Fashion. The Fun Fashion section was described as fashion that doesn’t fit into one category.

After this, the senior collections were presented. The seniors are Grace Goodrich, Anabelle Lindsey, Lauren Dickens, Leahna So and Carson Scott.

Each student spent all year preparing for the show. Scott said, the process begins with trend research, followed by market research, sketching, pattern drafting and finishes with fittings. The show is the chance for students to present their work.

“It’s a really great way to show the university and people outside the university that we have such a great program,” Scott said. “It’s kind of unbelievable that OSU has such a great program.”

Goodrich’s collection was titled Six Feet Above, inspired by the clouds.

“My inspiration is a lot about juxtaposition,” Goodrich said. “Basically the idea is a big fluffy cloud wearing a belt.”

Lindsey’s collection was titled Party of the Pride, inspired by unconventional brides.

“The collection represents a colorful, fun-loving person,” Lindsey said. “These girls aren’t just the bridal party - they’re the party of the bride.”

Dickens’ collection was titled Garden of Evergreen, inspired by fairytales and the cottagecore aesthetic.

“There’s a lot of flowery aspects and nature,” Dickens said. “Inspiration from my childhood and some of my favorite movies today.”

So’s collection was titled Singularity, inspired by women’s empowerment and individualism.

“Singularity is being an individual, you don’t fit into a box, you are your own person. I love that empowerment,” So said. “Women are still trying to accept body positivity and ourselves and love ourselves.”

Scott’s collection was titled Boheme, inspired by music, along with his desire to present suiting and tailoring.

“The musical "Rent," one of their songs, ‘La Vie Boheme,’ is about being creative and an artist,” Scott said. “I was kind of inspired by that.”

After the collections were presented, awards were given out, including Best Models, Most Marketable Garment and Best Construction for Juniors. Then, awards for the senior collections were given out.

The Most Marketable Collection went to Lindsey’s collection, Outstanding Design for a Garment or Collection went to Goodrich and Best Construction for Seniors went to Scott.

The show finished with John Peterson, the Dean of the College of Education and Human Sciences, congratulating the department and expressing his appreciation for everyone’s work.

Overall, the show was an opportunity for the design department to showcase their work and receive appreciation and recognition.

“I want to show others the work that OSU can do in fashion, and for people to get a taste of it,” So said.