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Edwards/Bias win SGA election by 138 votes

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Jack A. Edwards/ Alex Bias

Jack A. Edwards and Alex Bias are running for SGA president and vice president under their campaign, RISE, which stands for Resources, Inclusiveness, Stability, and Engagement.

The newly elected 2021-2022 Student Government Association Student Body President, Jack Edwards, and Vice President, Alex Bias, are ready to hit the ground running.

Out of 24,649 Oklahoma State University eligible student voters, 1,126 students voted in the SGA during this round of elections. Edwards and Bias won with 632 votes, leaving Jadyn Powell and Dara Evans to seize the remaining 494 votes according to the SGA Election Commission. 

While Edwards and Bias say they are thrilled, shocked and in awe of the amount of people that supported them during the campaign, there is still work to be done. Edwards said as soon as they are officially in office, they would want to accomplish quick actions resulting in the largest impact on students.

“We’re really excited to reorganize the website and the SGA bylaws and Campuslink,” Edwards said. “Things that allow students to get engaged early on.”

Additionally, Bias said doing things like selecting a cabinet and sorting out a budget are essential steps for their administration to lay a solid foundation of leadership moving forward.