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Economic Stimulus Grant is back; is it worth applying for?

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This will be the Economic Stimulus Grant's final round of federal funding and is open to all students enrolled part or full time.

Oklahoma State University began to review applications for the OSU economic stimulus grant March 21; bringing light to the end of the semester. 

This is the final round of federal funding through the American Rescue Plan (ARP) and is open to all students enrolled part or full time. Students who applied last semester are allowed to apply for spring 2022 with no restrictions. 

For students wondering if applying is worth it or not, Bennet Lange, a freshman majoring in forestry, said this money can help out parents that are paying for their kid’s school. 

“This grant reminds students that there are easy and effective ways to get financial help when you’re paying attention,”  Lange said.

One thing some students have in common is the constant search for scholarships and financial help; and the economic stimulus grant is a reminder that there are accessible opportunities. 

Tessa Dorrel, a freshman at OSU majoring in sports media, said she believes that the more the school helps the students they have, the more students they can bring in. 

“I think anything to help with school financially is worth trying for,” Dorrel said.

"I come from an all-teacher household in Oklahoma and have a twin brother at OSU. Anything helps my parents and me when it comes to affording school.”

The grant can be helpful not only with paying tuition but also the other expenses that come with being a student away from home; and it can be a breath of fresh air for the students that live on a tight budget. 

“We spend all our days and weeks studying and doing classwork, and making extra money is not our priority,” Caden Davis, a freshman majoring in marketing, said. “This grant gives us an opportunity to pay for gas without stressing out and maybe eat something different during the weekend. It can give us a little bit of financial freedom without stressing out over our budget.” 

Students can apply for this grant on, located under the “Responses Required” section in the “Home” portion of the Financial Aid tab.