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Different models: OSU students and their class schedules during the pandemic

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With classes being held in-person and some classes having an online option for attendance, some students are feeling confident about their performance in classes this semester. 

Switching to online classes during the spring semester of 2020, due to COVID-19, was a difficult change for some students. 

“It’s definitely easier than the spring semester when we first went online after spring break,” said Will Walls an agribusiness senior with a minor in marketing. “I think it’s been easier because professors and students have learned better ways to navigate doing classes online and in person.”

Although in-person classes are continuing, Walls said it is helpful for some students to have the option of attending virtually. This is important for the students who cannot attend classes in person due to sickness or close contact with positive cases, Walls said.

Rio Bonham, a biosystem and engineering junior, said he has the option of attending his classes fully in person or online. 

“All of my hybrid classes were originally in person but once positive cases began to be reported we switched to hybrid,” Bonham said. “Although my classes are hybrid, I still attend classes in person but I think it is helpful for students who are not able to attend in person.”

“I know sometimes I function better online some days just depending on the day,” said Gwen Fowler, an agricultural communications junior. “I understand the importance of going to class throughout the day but online helps.”

Classes that are only available in person can become a little stressful for some students, Fowler said, but the classes would be difficult to complete online.

As classes continue during COVID-19, Hunter Savage, an agribusiness junior, said he thinks OSU should keep in-person classes an option because not everyone can learn online.

“I think as long as there is contact tracing (and it) is kept up with throughout the semester, I don’t see why we shouldn’t continue with in-person classes,” said Bonham.