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Daniel Hoelting/Amarie Griffeth - Candidate QnA

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Daniel Hoelting and Amarie Griffeth

Daniel Hoelting and Amarie Griffeth have the goal of making OSU more like home, allowing students to fully enjoy their college expirience.

  1. What is the main goal of your platform?

“The main goal of our platform is to Keep Making OSU Your Home. Home looks different for each Cowboy, we come from different places and are here to do different things, but every Cowboy deserves to feel at Home at OSU. For you to feel at Home, you must be: Healthy, meaning your basic needs are being met so you can work to achieve your own goals and passions at OSU; Happy, meaning you are genuinely enjoying your college experience, and you have the resources and opportunities to do so; Known, meaning you feel recognized and listened to by your University and student government, and you are aware of the opportunities available to you; and lastly Safe, meaning you are feel free from being jeopardized by your environment, your peers, or your finances.”


  1. What is the first thing you hope to accomplish assuming you win the election?

“We hope to start first by collaborating with the current administration to expand the communications department and start a media campaign to Keep Making OSU Your Home. Our expanded communications department will showcase the positions that will be available in the executive branch during our administration, and the basic needs resources that are currently available to the student body.”

  1. Why should students vote for you?

“Students should vote for us because we will continue to work for students, making their student government more available and more caring. A main philosophy of ours is to listen to each student with compassion and to approach each idea or concern in search of a tailored solution to each situation. Every student has a unique perspective of OSU, and they have their own background and their own needs. No one person knows what every student needs, but we listen to every student. We will be compassionate as we listen to every student, and we will sit down with you and craft a solution to your specific circumstances.”