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Crime notes: SPD lay trap for bike thief, home burglary

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Stillwater man picked the wrong bike to steal

If you walked through the 200 block of West Miller on March 6, you might have seen a yellow bicycle sitting by the sidewalk with a “Jesus Loves Me” plate on the back and a bell decorated with a skull picture on the handle-bars.

What you might not have seen was the GPS device attached to the bike.

Stillwater police arrested Eric Lee Slavens, 33, for petit larceny after he stole a bicycle planted by the sidewalk by an SPD officer, according to the police report.

The GPS device is designed to activate when the bicycle has been moving for a few seconds. An officer planted the bicycle March 6, and on March 7, police responded to a report that the GPS had been activated. They traced the bicycle to the front porch of an apartment complex. They didn’t see anyone outside, so they left it on the porch, according to the report.

A little over an hour later, the bicycle was on the move again. Police traced it to a different apartment complex on West Matthews, where the bicycle seemed to be inside one of the apartment buildings, according to the report. A few minutes later, Slavens left the apartment building with the yellow bike, which was missing its “Jesus Loves Me” plate and bell, according to the report.

After his arrest, Slavens told police he had seen the bicycle leaning against the pole earlier that day, and then saw it again at the apartment complex, so someone had already moved it from the place police put it before Slavens decided to steal it. He told police it had occurred to him that the owner had just taken the bicycle home, but he decided to steal it anyway, according to the report.

Slavens told police he makes his money by stealing bicycles, mostly those which are not secured, and selling them online, according to the report. The last time he stole a bicycle was a week ago.

Burglary of Residence

Perkins police officers arrested a burglary suspect as he was fleeing the Stillwater house where he kicked in the door and stole several items, according to documents obtained from the Stillwater Police Department.

The victim called the police Sunday evening when her security system alerted her that someone was in her home. The victim was able to watch the live feed as the suspect, whom she identified as her estranged husband Jacob Timothy White, 38, removed the cameras and surveillance equipment from the house, according to the police report.

The victim said White did not live in the home and had never lived there.

When police got to the home, White was gone. A citizen who had been listening to a police scanner identified the car at a convenience store on 6th Avenue, but by the time police arrived there, he was gone, according to the police report.

Officers from the Perkins Police Department later arrested White during a traffic stop on Highway 33 and turned him over to SPD.

The police report describes a shoe print on the outside of the door near the bottom. Based on the damage to the house and screenshots of the live footage the victim had been watching, White entered through the front door, moved through the house, and forced the door open from the kitchen into the utility room and then from the utility room into the backyard, according to the police report.

The victim initially said the only item she noticed was missing was the security equipment, but later called police and gave them a list of other items that were missing, including a bicycle and an area rug. Those items were in the car when White was arrested, according to the police report.

White faces one charge of Second Degree Burglary and one charge of Grand Larceny in a Dwelling House.

A $5,000 bail was posted on Tuesday.