Crime Notes: Burglary at drug store and drug bust

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Police responded to a reported burglary at Charlie's Drug early Friday morning,

Burglary at Charlie’s Discount Drug

When Lance Reece went to unlock the front door at Charlie’s Discount Drug on Jan. 25, he discovered that the door was damaged.

“You could tell that someone had used something to pry open the door,” Reece said. “Like a crowbar, possibly.”

Police responded to the reported burglary early Friday morning, according to a press release from the Stillwater Police Department. Officers checked to make sure there were no suspects still inside, and then detectives with the Criminal Investigations Unit processed the scene, including reviewing surveillance footage. It is unclear whether the surveillance footage has provided the police with any leads.

The suspects apparently entered through the second door, unable to get the front door open. Reece said the perpetrators cut the cable to the security system.

“You have a safe that you’re not supposed to be able to break into, and they got into that,” Reece said. “You have a security system that should send an alarm even though something is cut, but that didn’t happen this time.”

Reece said that while he was not the one who accounted for what was missing, he guessed that it was in the thousands of dollars.

“They got into our safe, and that’s where we keep all of our narcs,” Reece said, adding that the safe also contained deposit money.

The drug store was the target of an armed robbery in November last year.

Reece said he expects the recent law regulating the number of opioid pills physicians can prescribe to lead to more break-ins like this.

“With the law change as narcotics, it’s harder and harder for the so-called druggies to get their fix, and so they’re just going to be more and more diligent trying to find a way to do it, and the more we lock up, the more likely they’re going to walk in with a gun,” Reece said. “And that could be the only way for them to get it. So there’s only so much we can do.”

But there are things they can do, including installing another security camera in a strategic location, which Reece said was recommended by one of the investigators.

Reece said that the possible danger doesn’t make him not want to be a pharmacist, though.

“I would hate to think that a job like this would be a dangerous one,” Reece said. “But you do have to be diligent and aware of your surroundings.”

Anyone with information about the burglary or who saw a suspicious vehicle or person is encouraged to call SPD at (405) 372-4171.

Stillwater Police Seizes Drugs, Guns

Police seized meth, marijuana and guns at a residence southeast of Stillwater on Thursday morning.

Officers from SPD’s patrol division, detectives from the Special Projects Unit and deputies from the Payne County Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant at a residence near 56th Avenue and Jardot Road at 9:17 a.m. A press release from the SPD reported that police found more than six ounces of meth and seven guns at the home, as well as marijuana, packing materials and a digital scale.

Police arrested residents Michael Snyder and George Mefford at the home and took them to Stillwater Municipal jail. Both are held on complaints of drug trafficking. Snyder is held on complaints of possession of a firearm during commission of a felony, but Mefford is held on complaints of possession of a firearm after conviction of a felony.