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COVID-19 Update, Aug. 30

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On Aug. 30, the Oklahoma State Department of Health reported 306 active cases of COVID-19 in Payne County, with 238 of those cases in Stillwater.

The most recent data previously reported by The O’Colly came from the Aug. 27 OSDH dashboard, which attributed 147 active cases to Stillwater. This new data represents a 61.9% increase in confirmed active COVID-19 cases since those numbers were reported last Thursday.

No new deaths were reported in Stillwater due to the novel coronavirus this weekend, so the official death count for the city remains at three.

Payne County is considered an “orange”, or moderate-risk area for COVID-19 transmission, according to Oklahoma’s COVID-19 Alert System. A county in the moderate risk category likely has undetected cases of COVID-19 in the community, according to the OSDH moderate-risk guidelines.

The “Moving to Orange” guidelines published by the OSDH also include a description of a moderate-risk area, and general guidelines to help mitigate the spread of the virus.

“The risk of infection is heightened by community spread, and robust testing and containment measures are recommended to mitigate further spread,” the guidelines read.

Some of the recommendations provided in the OSDH plan, and recommended by the CDC, include frequent hand washing, self-isolation when sick, and wearing face coverings in public.

Oklahoma State University has also started publishing data about COVID-19 infections on campus. However, unlike the OSDH data, this dashboard is updated on a weekly increment.

The most recently published data from the university is from the week ending Aug. 23, so it is unclear at this point what portion of Stillwater’s new COVID-19 cases come from OSU students or staff.