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COVID-19 Update Aug. 27

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On Aug. 27, Oklahoma’s State Department of Health’s COVID-19 dashboard reported 187 active cases in Payne county, with 147 of those cases coming from Stillwater. No additional deaths were reported in either Stillwater or Payne county.


The number of active cases in Oklahoma dropped again today to a total of 7586 with 15 deaths and 772 recoveries statewide, according to the State Department of Health .


The Department of Health dashboard reported 37 new cases in Stillwater from yesterday, and 40 cases in Payne county overall. According to the Payne County Health Department, 70% of those new cases are young people, ages 18-35.


City Manager Norman McNickle said in the release that  young people often work in service jobs, and asymptomatic carriers could spread the virus to others without even realizing it.


“Due to the overall high patient census, Stillwater Medical Center is feeling the pressure in staffing. The only answer to this situation is for everyone to take the CDC guidance seriously,” McNickle said in the release.


The CDC’s website lists older people and people with preexisting medical conditions as the highest risk groups for COVID-19, especially those with respiratory diseases or people over the age of 85.


The city’s release reminds residents to wear masks in public, wash their hands frequently, and avoid close contact with others.