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Correction: Notes from the editors

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The O’Colly editorial staff would like to address the column posted in our Friday paper. 

We first would like to state the words in the column are that of an opinion, which do not reflect the views of the whole editorial board. 

Although in a column the author or editor may disclose thoughts and opinions on contemporary scenes, it is not something representing the thoughts and opinions of The O’Colly Media Group. As an editorial board, we would like to include some additional information excluded from the column.

Oklahoma State has placed guidelines for professors to decide whether or not to require masks during their in-person instruction. When University Health Services (UHS) reports a positive COVID-19 case in a professor's class, they are allowed to do one of three things. 

  1. Move the class online.  

  2. Move to hybrid in-person/online instruction, requiring masks for those coming to in-person instruction.

  3. Require masks for their in-person classes. 

This column does not state this professor has an immunocompromised system. In an effort to follow OSU’s guidelines after a positive case in  class, the professor required students to wear a mask in person. 

The full story is not disclosed in this piece, and professors are within their rights and within the law to ask students to wear a mask. Additionally, the way the law is explained in this piece is misleading. What is also not mentioned, is the law does not apply to people such as teachers, principals, individual school officials and professors.

Senate Bill 658 does not apply to this situation.

Nothing illegal was or is being done by asking students to wear a mask. 

We welcome any and all opinions offering rebuttal of this column, and do not wish to diminish any opinion. As American citizens, we affirm our belief in the First Amendment and the right as journalists to express our personal opinions no matter if our viewpoint is different from those around us. 

Anna Pope — News Editor

Dean Ruhl — Sports Editor

Chris Becker — Assistant Sports Editor

Karisa Sheely — Design Editor

Abby Cage — Photo Editor

Ellen Slater — Lifestyle Editor

Ben Hutchens — Digital Editor