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Cases and Classrooms: Students and the shifting stance

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COVID-19 remains a topic of discussion throughout Oklahoma State’s campus as the fall semester enters its third week. 

OSU opened campus encouraging masks to be worn inside. Then, the language for mask-wearing was changed to expected.

According to OSU’s online COVID-19 Conditions and Statistics, there are 183 total positive cases on campus from the seven day period from Aug. 25 to Aug. 31. This number includes positive cases found by the University Health Services and cases reported from off campus.

Students voiced their concerns with the rise in positive coronavirus cases, as it could lead to the shift from in-person to online classes, much like the spring semester of 2020. Others believe this rise in cases will have a negative impact on their health. For sophomore Amelia Danker, these cases are nothing to worry about.

“Personally, I have not paid attention to the numbers simply because, if I’ve learned anything over the past couple of years, it’s that people are not going to be truthful,” Danker said. “I’m not saying that OSU isn’t. It’s just that I feel like it’s more important for myself to decide each day if I want to wear a mask, or if I want to get a shot or not.” 

Those who do have their vaccines feel safe enough to continue with attending class in a physical building rather than through a virtual platform, like senior Elaine Duff.

“I mean I have my shots so, I’m perfectly confident I won’t die,” Duff said.

For Duff, the actual number of these positive cases of COVID-19 is a controversial topic.

“OSU lies about (the cases)," Duff said. "They are 100% higher."

However, others encourage their fellow students to continue to live life as normally as possible.

“I’m not going to let numbers that could be true or false decide if I should be afraid or not,” Danker said. “It’s everyone’s own choice if they want to wear a mask or if they want to get a shot, but I really don’t think that the numbers should scare people as much as they do.”

As of now, OSU’s Health Services are still administering free rapid COVID-19 tests to anyone who makes an appointment through the patient portal, as stated on its website.