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Camp Cowboy returns to normal routine at OSU

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A counselor completes the ropes course during a Camp Cowboy activity session at Camp Redlands in Stillwater on Saturday, June 29, 2019.

After a year of masks, sanitizing and CDC protocols, Camp Cowboy is finally back for incoming students at OSU. However, this time, it will be almost back to normal.

Last year took its toll on everyone, including Camp Cowboy. With masks, limited staff and CDC guidelines that had to be followed closely, it made it hard for Camp Cowboy to provide the same opportunities it always had.

“We were limited on staff, and we had to fit three camps into one, it was really difficult.” Sara Trevino, Director of Student Involvement for Camp Cowboy said.

Usually, Camp Cowboy is located at three different locations, one at the main campus in Stillwater, another in Mulberry, Arkansas and the last in Anadarko, Oklahoma. However, last year the camp was not allowed to go out of state.

Despite it being very different from what everyone is used to, Camp Cowboy did its part by following CDC guidelines and ensuring the camp was safe while still having fun.

“Last year we really focused on sanitization, every student had to sanitize before they got there and after they left, we also assigned certain staffers for sanitation, it was difficult, but it was a success with no COVID cases.” Trevino said.

With the lifting of the mask mandate at OSU it has made it easier for Camp Cowboy to get mostly back to normal. The camp will be held at the main OSU campus in Stillwater as well as being able to go back out of state to the Mulberry, Arkansas location. 

Although it will be mostly back to normal, there will still be some changes to camp this year. One of the changes is that the camp is limited to 110 students this year, instead of the usual 150. Also, the camp will not be at the Anadarko, Oklahoma location for 2021.

This year students will finally be able to feel normal again at Camp Cowboy and get back to doing the fun and exciting things it has to offer like high ropes, zip lines and just getting to know one another as incoming students make the transition to the college life.

Camps have already started this year but there are still a few chances for incoming students to participate in Camp Cowboy this summer.

“We just finished our 3rd Stillwater camp; It gets better every week.” Trevino said.

Now that Camp Cowboy has gone back to normal, students can now fully enjoy the three-day experience that will expose them to life at OSU and maybe even meet some new friends along the way.