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Burns Hargis talks 2020 election, current state of politics

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Joel Halcomb

Oklahoma State president Burns Hargis 

Oklahoma State University President Burns Hargis has been around politics for many years. In 1990, he was a candidate for the Republican nomination for Governor of Oklahoma and, despite it not being a political role, has served as OSU president since 2007. The O’Colly spoke with Hargis on Monday to get his thoughts on some political topics amid the 2020 general election:


Hargis predicts Oklahoma’s outcomes in the 2020 general election: 

“There’s a chance Oklahoma County might go Democratic, they have a Democratic congresswoman right now… The state as a whole is Republican and it’s gonna go, I’m sure Trump will win by 20 or 25 points in the state.”


Hargis’ worries on what may happen after the election: 

“What happens after the election and after the winner is declared is what I’m worried about. On either side there’s some people that are pretty radical. I fear might take to the streets.”


Hargis on division in the country: 

“It’s a shame the country’s become so divided. I’m far from putting the blame on any one area. There’s people that have written a lot about the so-called elites controlling everything and those who, as one put it –– I love this term –– ‘people who shower after they work, not before they work.’ (They) felt helpless. I think that was a huge movement that was missed. Trump, to his credit, dialed in on it.”