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Burnout blues: Students discuss ways of coping with end-of-term exhaustion

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Students union campus plaza

Students enjoy the sunshine on a warm spring day right outside the union.

With the end of the semester fast approaching, students have been tasked with staying motivated and persevering through the long term. Losing spring break made the semester difficult.

“The hardest thing about this semester is having to power through the semester without having any break to look forward to. Usually an upcoming break motivates me and keeps me focused, but since this semester did not have that, I am burned out,” Carlyn Guthrie, a student at OSU, said.

There are many ways to stay positive in stressful circumstances, some students have found solace in watching new shows and movies, or rewatching old favorites.

“I love rewatching the How to Train Your Dragon series after a long hard day of classes,” student Sarah Jarvis said. “It's nice to just forget my own problems and just focus on the movie.”

Another way some students are remaining motivated is with self care. Sometimes it can be therapeutic to have a spa day at home.

“I love going to TJ Maxx and buying face masks, lotions, bath bombs and new nail polish. It's way cheaper than going to an actual salon and I can stay at home” student Lauren Burch said.

Seasonal depression can also hit students during the spring semester. When temperatures drop and the sun doesn’t come out for days, it can be easy for students to fall into despair. Luckily for some, spring usually brings back the sun and warmth and helps put everyone in a better mood.

“The weather absolutely has an effect on my emotions, when it's dark and gloomy outside that's usually how I feel inside too,” Jarvis said. “I’m so glad that it’s finally nice outside again, I hate walking to class when it's cold.”

Luckily the semester is almost over and summer will bring some relief to many. Anyone struggling with depression or in need of some assistance can reach out to the OSU counseling services or call SAM at 1-855-225-2726.