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Best friends take on Homecoming

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Oklahoma State alum, Misty Mangels Wishall brought OU Fan, Kari Pitman to OSU's Walkaround.

Oklahoma State’s campus hosts thousands of alumni a year at Homecoming and some happily share their stories from back in the days with anyone who wants to hear them. 

Alumni Misty Mangels Wishall, who graduated Oklahoma State in 1999 as an accountant and attended Walkaround this Friday. For Wishall, she is more than proud to say she’s loyal and true through and through. 

“Coming from a small town, Oklahoma State was a whole new world,” Wishall, who was born and raised in South Coffeyville, Oklahoma, said. “I miss her all the time, it was such a free moment.” 

This year, Wisehall brought her three kids, husband and, for the first time in 25 years, her OU fan best friend, Kari Pitman, and her two kids, to OSU’s Homecoming.

Wishall and Pitman were raised together and have been best friends for 37 years, the only thing Ptiman ever liked about OSU was the parties. 

“I am never going to be a Cowboy, but I have to admit this is pretty awesome,” Pitman said. “ I wouldn’t mind if my kids went to OSU, but my husband would never accept it.” Pitman said, laughing.

Although there is a football rivalry between OSU and OU, it is different between the friends.

“She talks with so much love about it, that I don’t hate it, and even cheer for OSU when they are not playing against OU,” Pitman said.

While talking about their stories, they couldn’t help but mention all the fun they had during Wishall’s time here.

“I never went to college, but I always loved OU,” Pitman said. “The only reason I would come down to Stillwater was to party with Misty, we had the best time.” 

 Pitman and Wishall are major Prince fans, and Wishall said even though it’s 2021, being with her friend is just as sweet.

“Coming back here with my best friend, bringing her to her first Homecoming, it’s like partying in ‘99 all over again,” Wishall said.