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Battling burn out

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Oklahoma State students attended and even to learn how to deal with feeling burned out.

Have you ever heard of the term burn out? To sum it up, it is prolonged stress that causes mental, physical and emotional issues.

Lawrence Richardson, from Grand Lake Mental Health Center Inc. covered topics related to burn out such as, the seven elements of trust and the eight dimensions of wellness, during his talk, “Burn Out: Managing Your Career Stress,” at Oklahoma State.

 Terrence Krush, a sports management junior, said she learned new ways be more self aware.

“I learned different ways to go about self care and self indulgence, rather than suppressing what’s on your mind,” Krush said.

Brooke Mangold, an accounting senior, said she understood new techniques to deal with end-of-the-year fatigue and frustrations.

 “I think I’ve probably been burnt out for a while now, so it’s good to be aware of that and how I can help fix it so I can finish out my senior year without having breakdowns," Mangold said.

Becky Adams, a music industry senior, said her favorite part was recognizing the differences among stress, anxiety and burn out.

“And then he also talked about self care and went into that which was very helpful, and how you can implement that with other people by taking care of yourself and setting boundaries, that was the main topic I was interested in,” Adams said.