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Trump continues attacks on Rubio, talks trade, immigration and Iran in speech at Oklahoma State Fair

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OKLAHOMA CITY — Presidential candidate and businessman Donald Trump didn’t hold back in calling out presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., in a speech at the Oklahoma State Fair on Friday.

“We have a sitting senator, who’s a lightweight, but these are minor details,” Trump said. “Who, by the way, doesn’t show up to vote.

“We want people who are going to show up. We want people who are going to make our country great, and to do that you have to show up.”

Trump spoke before an energetic crowd of thousands at the state fair, talking about foreign policy, trade and immigration for much of his time on stage.

The crowd thinned out throughout Trump’s hour-long speech, but continuously rewarded his jokes and jabs at other candidates with laughter and heavy applause. 

Among the supporters was Valecia Dirck from Sapulpa, who drove to the fair for the sole purpose to see Trump speak. Dirck said she has been a Trump supporter since she read Trump’s book “The Art of the Deal” at 18.

“He’s been a real big influence in my life as far as business and getting things done,” Dirck said. “I’ve just followed him. I wanted him to run for president for 10 years, and I’m so happy to see him. He doesn’t have to do this, he’s set aside his life and his cushy lifestyle to run for president to make America a better place.”

Foreign Policy

Trump talked at length about his opposition to the Iran Nuclear Deal, criticizing the negotiated terms and the four American citizens still held prisoner by Iran.

Trump said he would have made the release of American prisoners an immediate issue before negotiations, and he said he would have threatened the Iranians to release them.

“Do us a favor, let these four guys go,” Trump said. “Please let ‘em go, let ‘em go now. You’re gonna have problems if you don’t, we’re gonna kick your ass if you don’t.”


Trump spoke in a lengthy monologue describing how he, as president, would handle a proposed Ford factory in Tennessee instead of moving it to Mexico.

Trump said his campaign’s financial independence from political action committees and donors would allow him to negotiate harder terms, and said he’d tax vehicles built outside the U.S.

“I say, ‘Here’s what’s gonna happen,’” Trump said. “We are going to throw a 35 percent tax on every product, every car, every single truck that comes into the United States. We’re gonna tax you, and we’re gonna tax you at about 35 percent.”


Trump doubled down on his use of the term “anchor babies,” referring to the children born from undocumented immigrants in the U.S. Trump explained his choice of words by telling the audience of an interaction with the media in New Hampshire.

“I said, ‘What term would you use?’” Trump said. “And he gave me an eight word definition, ‘The children of undocumented workers who happened to be in the United States blah, blah, blah.’

“I said, ‘No thanks, I’m gonna go anchor babies.’”