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Elections: James Lankford says Marijuana Tears Families Apart; Connie Johnson Doesn't Think Prohibition Works

James Lankford Resume:

• U.S. Congressman for Oklahoma’s 5th District

Assumed office in 2011

• Committee Assignments:

Committee on Budget

Committee on Oversight and Government Reform

• 1996 – 2009

Falls Creek Baptist camp director

• Education: B.S., Secondary Education

University of Texas at Austin

Landford's View

On Social Security:

“It was originally ... an emergency back up ... People need to save for their own retirement.”

On Citizens United

“I do not like the idea of silencing political speech.”

On same-sex marriage:

“That's a state issue, not a federal issue ... States alone can make decisions.”

On marijuana:

“I have seen first-hand the damage it has done to families.”

On veteran care:

“Why do they need to drive past five or six good hospitals on the way (to the VA)? That's not right.”

Constance “Connie” Johnson resume:

• Oklahoma state senator for District 48

Assumed office in 2005

• State Senate Committees

Health and Human Services


Veterans and Military Affairs

• Legislative analyst from 1981 – 2005

• Bachelor’s in French from the University of Pennsylvania

Johnson's View

On same-sex marriage

“How are we to treat human beings differently from how we'd like to be treated? ...They have the same rights”

On marijuana:

“Prohibition does not work. It didn't work with alcohol and it's not working with marijuana.”

On border security:

“If people want to come and make America a new home ... Then we should be open. We all came here.”

On religious liberty:

“For the government to try to interfere ... is actually a slap in the face to people.”

On ‘Obamacare’:

“Government exists to provide those things we can't do individually.”