An analysis of Stillwater’s Super Tuesday


A woman leaves Southside Baptist Church in Stillwater after voting on Tuesday, March 3, 2020.

Payne County voted in favor of former Vice President Joe Biden and to allow restaurants to sell alcohol on holidays in the elections Tuesday.

Payne County as a whole voted in favor of Biden, but the city of Stillwater voted narrowly in favor of Sen. Bernie Sanders. The alcohol proposition passed with 71.52% of voters in favor.

Although the Payne County Election Board certified the county election results on Friday, the state election board will certify results no earlier than 5 p.m. on Tuesday, one week after Super Tuesday.

Presidential primary election results in Oklahoma are tallied by precinct, county and congressional district but not by municipality. Using publicly available data from the Oklahoma State Election Board’s website, the O’Colly was able to roughly isolate Stillwater voters from the rest of Payne County. The O’Colly did not examine the results from Stillwater in regards to the alcohol proposition.

As of Jan. 15 Payne County had 39,393 registered voters, according to the state election board’s annual voter statistics report. Of those registered voters, Democrats, Republicans, and Independents were eligible to participate in a presidential primary. Libertarians did not have any candidates on the ballot but could still participate in the election regarding the county alcohol proposition.

In Tuesday’s election, 11,985 Payne County voters participated in either the Democratic or Republican presidential primary, according to the state election board’s unofficial results. That’s approximately 30.66% of voters who were eligible to participate as of Jan. 15. Statewide, approximately 28.86% of eligible voters participated, according to the unofficial results.

Across the 16 precincts firmly within Stillwater, 3,778 voters participated in the Democratic presidential primary. Amongst those voters, Sanders was the narrow favorite, with 1,244 votes, or approximately 32.9% of votes cast.

In second place was Biden, with 1,187 votes, or approximately 31.4% of the votes within Stillwater’s precincts.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Mike Bloomberg, former mayor of New York City, came in third and fourth respectively among the Stillwater precincts on Super Tuesday. Both have since suspended their campaigns. Warren received 792 votes, or 21% of votes cast. Bloomberg received about 9.8% of the city’s vote, with 371 ballots cast for him.

The rest of the votes from the 16 precincts examined went to candidates who had either dropped out of the race by Super Tuesday or who failed to qualify for the last two televised debates. This category of voter made up 4.9% of the sampled electorate, with 184 votes going to such candidates.