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All Oklahomans will be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine by March 29

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Starting March 29th, all Oklahoma residents –– ages 16 and older –– will be eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. 

When the vaccine first reached Oklahoma in mid-December, the supply was limited. Due to this, the vaccine phases were implemented, and priority groups were first to become eligible for vaccination.  

The vaccine supply has continued to increase over the last few weeks, allowing Oklahoma’s CDC-approved distribution plan to remain on course. 

Oklahoma is currently in Phase 3, out of four phases, in implementing the COVID vaccine. Phase 3 allows for teachers, staff, and residents in educational settings to receive the vaccine. In addition, critical infrastructure personnel as specified in the executive order can be vaccinated. 

Currently, the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have shown to be highly effective. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine was authorized by the FDA at the end of February and began distribution throughout Oklahoma the first week of March. Oklahoma residents will be able to register to receive any of these three vaccination options. 

The vaccine is provided to Americans through tax-payer dollars and is free of charge upon administration. 

All Oklahomans will be able to choose whether they receive the vaccine or not. According to the Oklahoma State Department of Health, the best vaccine to get is the one you can receive most immediately because all three brands will significantly reduce the chances of getting sick.