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A treat for treatment: Students share their thoughts on prizes in exchange for getting vaccinated

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Live Vaccination

Vaccination schedules are available through the University Health Services.

University students are known for leaping at the chance for free things.

OSU's University Health Services (UHS) is reporting over 10,000 people fully vaccinated through UHS. With the intent to raise vaccination rates among students, universities across the country are offering incentives like Oklahoma State’s Poke-a-Thon. 

Although, winners of the Poke-a-Thon are being announced, the incentives are not guaranteed to everyone who enters into the raffle.

Laney Spearman, a freshman at OSU, said she never really considered prizes or gifts in exchange for being vaccinated. 

“I might get it if there was a meal involved, but I would like to do more research on the vaccine before I fully commit,” Spearman said. “I never thought about prizes, but might be more interested if they were good.” 

Her skepticism does not go unnoticed among other students, either. Hannah Hartwig, a freshman, claims that no material possession could persuade her to get the vaccine. 

“Personally, I’m not comfortable with getting it until more research is done,” Hartwig said. “With any vaccine, it is a big deal to put something like that in your body.”

Some Poke-a-Thon winners have been announced, but students plan on becoming and who are already vaccinated can enter into the raffle for a chance to win prizes.