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A Stillwater summer: Joyce shares exciting plans for coming months

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Boomer Blast

This summer is expected to reunite Stillwater with classic events, such as Boomer Blast, are making a comeback as coronavirus vaccines become more and more effective and available. 

With the spring semester coming to an end, Stillwater residents are questioning what is next for the town and what plans are in place moving forward. Stillwater Mayor Will Joyce has quite a few plans on the calendar for the summer of 2021.

There are a ton of events happening in town that can be viewed on the Visit Stillwater events calendar,” Mayor Joyce said. “In terms of City-sponsored events, we plan to host Boomer Blast–the 4th of July fireworks show–at Boomer Lake.”

The event at Boomer Lake is a free and all are welcome to join in on the fun. Weather permitting, it will take place on independence day. Masks will not be required.

“The current mask ordinance expires on May 25. I do not anticipate that it will be extended. After it expires, private businesses and organizations are still free to have their own requirements regarding mask-wearing. We will also still encourage residents to follow public health advice and remain cautious about the spread of coronavirus,” Joyce said.

As the vaccine continues to become more and more available to the public, there will be more gatherings to attend. As of now, at least 37.1% of residents in Payne County have received their first dose of the vaccine, these numbers are expected to rise over the next few months.

“If people continue to get vaccinated and take simple precautions like washing their hands often, staying home if they have symptoms, and wearing a mask when in high-risk areas (like airports), I think fall in Stillwater will be awesome, like usual.” Joyce said. “With that said, we will continue to monitor the situation and take appropriate action if there's a risk that a resurgence of Covid might overwhelm our local health system or disrupt education at OSU or the public schools.”

Events will be posted on the Visit Stillwater events calendar and residents are urged to stay updated on locations and keep an eye out for new events.