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A lesson about duty: Robyn Edwards shares her love and admiration for Queen Elizabeth II

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A rainbow appeared outside Buckingham Palace after Queen Elizabeth II's death.

Queen Elizabeth II died on Sept. 8 and left behind a group of admirers that saw her as a true example of duty and kindness. 

Robyn Jodie Edwards was born in Wales and was raised to love and respect her queen. Edwards is finishing her doctorate at OSU and is a part of the school of teaching, learning and educational sciences as a teacher assistant for a language arts class. 

Edwards’ father was a royalist, a person who supports a queen or king, and made sure Robyn knew from a young age why she should unconditionally respect the queen.

“I remember my dad saying ‘I would jump in front of a bullet to save my queen,” Robyn said. “That love, that innate compassion, and passion for this figure that represents us is admirable. I follow my dad, he’s my hero so he’s kind of passed on to me.”

Edwards cultivates tremendous care for her beloved queen and she said the news of the death was not easy. Being away from home while her nation is mourning the loss of a legendary figure made Edwards appreciate the people that took a minute of their day to share some solidarity and empathy toward her feeling of grief. 

“There’s a very deep need to want to be in England right now,” Edwards said.  "Just to be part of that bigger grief, to be a part of the mourning process.”

When Edwards thinks of the royal family she thinks of home.

“We lost our granny,” Edwards said.  “The royals are the family that represents us, and look after us and define us.”

Soccer games were postponed all throughout the U.K, and every little shop or supermarket has a dedication or tribute for the queen. Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, which will happen on Monday will be a bank holiday. Edwards called her cousin back home to check on how things were going back home. Edwards said her cousin that that it feels morbid.

"The Queen is monumental and will be missed tremendously,” Edwards said. 

Queen Elizabeth II, responsible for making the U.K. a world power, traveled to 117 countries, including nearly all 56 Commonwealth states, making her the most widely traveled world leader. During her 70 years as the queen, she showed compassion and interest for nations around the world and did not question her duty once. 

“The biggest thing that she influenced people in was other people matter more," Edwards said. "I’ve never seen someone do that from the moment they step into a role till the day they died. Two days prior to her passing, she still did her duty. That for me is very powerful.”

As far as her opinion on whether she thinks King Charles III is ready for the role, Edwards is certain he knows what he is doing.

 "It’s time that he takes on that role, he is so prepared," she said. "My queen will make sure that he knows exactly what he’s doing."

Throughout her 96 years of life, Elizabeth II impacted the lives of many and Edwards said she was determined to create a better future.

 “When you think of a queen, you go straight to her," she said. "I don’t think anyone our age will see something like this ever again. It’s important to sit back and reflect on this legacy of a woman. Not because she was the queen, but because she was so wonderful.”