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A fresh start: students share their thoughts about being back in person

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Student Union

The Student Union is full with students as classes resume.

Oklahoma State University Students are back and ready to tackle the new spring semester. As campus comes back to life and students and faculty alike are seen hustling and bustling about, campus as a whole can catch a glimpse into normal college life. Activities and events can be seen taking place at the student union as clubs and student organizations are working hard to engage the students in social activities. Now that the first week back in-person has come to an end, here is what students have to say.

“My classes are actually pretty cool this semester because I get to actually do some labs so I’m looking forward to it because I get to cook in culinary class. I love cooking.” said Grace Strickland, a freshman majoring in hospitality and tourism.

From hospitality to science, all students and majors have been affected by the school changes due to the ongoing pandemic. Even Boone Pickens stadium hosts classes in order to better promote social distancing and meet protocols. 

Izzy Linares, a sophomore and agriculture science education major, explains, “It’s a little tough because I’m not used to it. The last 2 semesters have been online but I’m picking back up on it. It’s a really hands on major and it’s a little tough to do when you can’t go to the farm, you can't perform the labs that you're supposed to do on an actual animal. Right now I’m having an entomology lab in person, so I get to actually look at the specimens of the bugs. So it’s getting better slowly. I see progress happening this semester and next semester, and I only see it going up from here hopefully.”

Katelyn Santa Elena, a sophomore majoring in studio art, is enjoying the new face-to-face setting along with the social opportunities it presents. 

“It was really nice to meet all of my professors in person. I only have one online class this year. I like seeing all the people on campus, like wow, it’s living.” said Elena.

As campus continues to come back to life and open up, an increasing amount of students can be seen walking about. Students continue to follow campus guidelines to ensure the safety of  themselves and those around them. It is possible the new semester has brought better changes, hope for a better tomorrow and a brighter future ahead.